Amongst the Bells

Zera was at one amongst the cast-iron bells. Up here, he could think in peace. Ramiel rested against of one of the giant, brass gears. A wedding ring sat in his palm. Zera closed his eyes.

The sound of swords clashing ringed in his ears, pandering his nostalgia. That was what he and Laylah loved to do: spar. She was somehow more beautiful when fighting – her black hair swished in time with her body, her hot cheeks flushed from exertion. But more importantly, her big, piercing eyes opened wide; a personal window to her inner resolve. Her skill kept pushing Zera further. She was determined to outdo a Watcher Blader. Zera remembered every spar vividly; it made his heart pulsate with pleasure. He felt truly alive with her.

There was one night early in their relationship Zera fondly recalled. The young couple lay in a hammock stargazing. Laylah was inspecting Ramiel. It was calm in her hands. ‘I’m always expecting Ramiel to spark out at me.’

‘It trusts you,’ Zera answered.

Laylah placed Ramiel underneath the hammock – it wasn’t needed tonight but, instead, was on surveillance duty, the ideal wingman … well, sword. She snuggled up close.

‘I remember when we first met,’ Laylah recalled. ‘Ramiel was sparking excitedly whilst you were trying to keep your cool.’

Zera smiled. ‘Watcher Blades hate small-talk.’

Laylah giggled. ‘They say a Watcher Blade reflects its blader. Do you affect Ramiel then?’

‘Yeah. We’re in sync. Ramiel’s more sensitive to the world than we are. To begin with, it flagged things up that were distractions. It took time to adjust to what I was looking for.’

Zera stared at the stars. All the other worlds, realms he could be in, but he would be nowhere else tonight.

Laylah was in a curious mood. They could spend hours talking, jumping from subject to subject, nothing important, but they both felt richer afterwards. ‘Imagine me with a Watcher Blade?’

‘How terrifying!’ Laylah playfully hit Zera, he laughed, satisfied he got a reaction.

‘I’m glad I don’t have one, though,’ Laylah mused. ‘I rather enjoy trying to surpass you with a normal blade.’

‘You certainly do enjoy the counter-balance role.’

‘I do.’ Laylah squeezed Zera. He was warm, comfortable. ‘I like a Watcher Blader as a pillow.’

Zera rubbed Laylah’s back. ‘I can’t disconnect the fierce, sassy you demons get to experience.’

‘I’m always sassy, thank you very much.’

Zera snorted with laughter. He couldn’t help it. Laylah snorted too. It was contagious. They stopped laughing, their eyes connected, both granting each other the most intimate access.

‘I’ll watch over the Watcher Blader,’ Laylah commented.

Zera laughed even though he really shouldn’t, somewhat breaking the ambiance. ‘An apology usually follows a bad pun.’

‘I ain’t apologising.’

Zera expected nothing less. This is why I love you. The two kissed, their wings opening to cover the other. This is how Angels embraced.

Zera’s mind returned to the present day, his eyes looking at the cast-iron bell. Ramiel sparked, drawing Zera’s attention. Zera saw it lying there, not resting. We had something good back then, Ramiel. How did I lose her? The signs were there, Ramiel. I missed them!


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