What are these ‘physics’ you speak of?

Physics in fantasy has an ….. uh …. on/off relationship. Some people try their hardest to link their story mechanics to the laws of nature (often to the detriment of the narrative) or others flat out ignore physics where it becomes distracting. I … well … try and have a bit of both worlds. One the hand, I’m dealing with Angels and Demons with mystical powers far beyond human technology and natural phenomena. I have a sword that can generate lightning far more efficiently than a 15km high stormcloud on a whim. I break the laws of physics, but I am a trained scientist. I know the energy and charge limitations present in the equations that detail the driving forces of the universe. But, for creative writing purposes, I want to have fun and be over the top. There’s no fun otherwise. What’s the point of making your own world if you can’t make the rules?

Having said that, I’ve tried my best to replicate current technologies and latest theories as a basis to my shenanigans. For instance, my Zoharian Blades are made from piezoelectric crystals, known for their use in electrical devices. Other such nuggets of wisdom are sprinkled throughout my descriptions sporadically. If Marvel can do similar things of taking a scientific concept and make it fantastical (Thor, Doctor Strange etc.) then so can I!

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