Music to Write by

Music plays an important part of modern media. It enhances the product. The Incredibles wonderful jazz soundtrack, inspired by 60s Bonds, elevates the film with the distinct sound that echoes throughout the runtime. A book is strictly on the page and not allow an ambient soundtrack to be accompanied with. However, as a writer, I feel it is important to have an idea of some musical cues in your scene construction.

Each character could have their own motif. A violin, electric guitar or a bell tolling? Doesn’t matter as long as it is consistent and matches the character you are attributing the motif too. I feel it aids character design and scene construction as it creates a tempo to the flow. Particularly for action heavy sequences, I find this helpful. If you’re able to write an action sequence where the tempo matches the natural rhythm of physical actions, it heightens the scene you telling.

I’m writing a book about Angels. Choirs and harps come to mind obviously. But, I quite like violins as background music. Throughout the story, I’ve sprinkled some musical cues to enhance descriptions. I find them versatile as well as increasing the variety of description available.


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3 thoughts on “Music to Write by

  1. [ Smiles ] I thought I was the only one who listen to music when they wrote.

    In my case, I do make it a habit to listen to electronic dance music whenever I am composing the drafts for my blog.

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    1. I use soundtracks for writing my book. Sometimes, when I’m trying to convey a theme, I use a lyric song I know conveys similar themes to get into the right frameset. When blogging, I tend to listen to similar things or nothing as I draft them quickly and then post. I’m not regular enough yet to schedule them.

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