Nerds on Parade!

The Pokemon Go community event was amazing today. Nerds aplenty descended upon where I live to find Charmanders normal or shiny. I consider myself quite the nerd, but I pale in comparison to the pro strats on display by the dedicated Pokemon Go player. People had multiple phones attached to portable batteries, one in the left hand and other in the right hand. It was amazing seeing all these superfans descend upon my local park, checking a supplementary app to check the stats of their Pokemon, which I didn’t even know exist.

Then, there was a legendary Raid battle where 35+ people gathered in the park Pokemon Gym and all joined forces to catch a shiny Ho-oh. It was extraordinary to watch people, from all walks of life and age, getting so intensely engaged in defeating the boss. I was fortunate enough to get the shiny legendary whilst other, who are much dedicated and higher level than me did not get the shiny legendary chicken. I never did a legendary raid battle before, but if they are today’s then Pokemon Go isn’t going to die anytime soon.

It’s days like today that makes you realise the social phenomenon that this app has had and today was my first true taste of it. I might have had the game for 2 years, but I mostly used it when I gon on a walk at the end of the day or the weekend. Hopefully, future community days will be just as engaging and beautifully marvelous.