April 2018 review

Here’s a look back at April’s post at http://www.oliverkerrigan.com

Successor of Ramiel:

SOR Scene – Zera VS Seraph א II – The conclusion of the Zera and Seraph spar.

Barachiel’s Grimoire:

More lore entries are detailed below,

  1. Lore Entry – Plasma
  2. Lore Entry – Farfarello
  3. Lore Entry – Graffiacane
  4. Lore Entry – Ramiel


  1. Zeus’s ‘Wisdom’ – Favourite Things – A short post about how I imagine a modern Zeus would be like.
  2. Oliver Kerrigan goes to the British Library!
  3. I’m a Caffeinated Spirit – I have an addiction to coffee.
  4. I’m allergic to Spring – I hate hayfever.

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