Lore Entry – Ramiel

The Zoharian Blade of lightning, Ramiel is one of the mystical items that is old as the Angels themselves. Supposedly a gift from God, Ramiel has complete control over lightning. Crafted from a unique citrine coloured piezoelectric crystal, its true origin is unknown or how it defies the laws of physics. It is capable of generating stronger thunderbolts than those in 15 km tall stormclouds. A unique electric and magnetic field emits from the blade that allows it to communicate with other Zoharian Blades and disrupt electrical equipment.

I forsoke Ramiel centuries ago after wielding it since the Fall. It has powers that I dare not put pen to paper nor do I have the heart to write down here what caused me to finally give it up. Currently, Zerachiel is Ramiel’s current wielder.



©Oliver Kerrigan 2018