A Quarterly Review I 2018

Here’s some of the highlights of the first three months of 2018 from oliverkerrigan.com

Successor of Ramiel:

I’ve done some lore building and premiered the first of the battle scenes.

  1. SOR – Zera VS. Seraph א I
  2. Zera – The Double Espresso Shot Angel
  3. SOR – The Piezoelectric Sword

Debuted the Barachiel Grimoire series. Here are some examples.

  1. Lore Entry – Missionary Angels
  2. Lore Entry – Destroying Angel
  3. Lore Entry – Holy Water
  4. Lore Entry – The Fall

Other Selected Posts

  1. An OK Alchemy Lesson – Mercury
  2. An OK Science Report – Piezoelectric Crystals
  3. A Last Jedi Rant: ‘You have droids! Use them!’
  4. Infinite Time Chamber – What would you do with it?


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