Lore Entry – Fallen Angel

Category: Species

A Fallen Angel is a transformation an Angel can undergo as the result of irreversible psychological trauma. The trauma can be instantaneous or deep-seated. It doesn’t matter. During a ‘fall’, Angels no longer are able to separate good from bad thought or emotion. As a result, their neural network gets rewired, causing a loss of morality and the creation of a warped, twisted philosophy. Fallen Angels are stronger than their Angelic counterparts due to their wrath fuelling their aggression, resulting in a greater power output.

Fallen Angels are defined by their fractured halos and black wings, stained on a cellular level after their ‘Fall’. They are cast out of Heaven after historic examples of strife and chaos. I do wonder if this is the best cause of action. Ignoring the problem is often not the solution. Offering medical help might be more beneficial. But for that, a fundamental change amongst Heaven and Hell needs to happen and that is not going to happen in my lifetime.


©Oliver Kerrigan 2018