Lore Entry – The Fall


  • Category – History
  • Location – Heaven

The Fall was a climactic series of events taking place six thousand years ago prior to the Successor of Ramiel. It refers to the rebellion, defeat and banishment of Lucifer and his followers, giving birth to the Devil. During this time, Angels either were turned into Fallen Angels or fought against Lucifer, resulting in an Angelic civil war where the old government sought to tear down old conventions for a new one where Lucifer was the absolute power.

This event was ultimately significant and lead to the following:

  1. Lucifer becoming the Devil.
  2. Lucifer’s conquest of Hell and subjugation of demons.
  3. Heaven and Hell were now enemies.
  4. Fallen Angels were banished to Hell.
  5. The Earth becoming a battleground between Heaven and Hell.

©Oliver Kerrigan 2018