February 2018 Review

It’s been a busy month in lore development for the Successor of Ramiel as well as some fun blog posts to accommodate my main work.

Successor of Ramiel:

Zera and Seraph begin their fight to test their strength and things get … interesting:
SOR Fight Scene I – Zera VS. Seraph א

Successor of Ramiel Lore Additions:

  1. SOR – The Piezoelectric Sword – Where I expand the characteristics of the titular sword.
  2. SOR – Zera the Coffee Angel, Barachiel the Tea Angel – Hot beverages, different tastes.
  3. SOR – Ghosts – I expand the details about the ghost in my series.
  4. SOR – Holy Water – I develop an in-universe themed medicine.

Successor of Ramiel Commentary:

  1. How do you solve a problem like Lucifer?
  2. ‘I’m a complicated villain!’

Extra Blog Posts:

  1. An OK Science Report – Piezoelectric Crystals
  2. A Last Jedi Rant: ‘You have droids! Use them!’
  3. An OK Rant – We need to talk about Jar Jar
  4. Why are there no fluffy dragons? – 100th Post Special


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