SOR – The Piezoelectric Sword

Seraph readied her wings, ready to leap. Zera raised his arm, blocking her; his eyebrow signalled the presence of a panning security camera. Seraph desisted.

Zera pointed to an access door with an electronic lock requiring card key access. We’re up, Ramiel. ‘Ramiel’s structure I’ve been told is called piezoelectric. Ramiel’s core creates a large charge separation, causing its crystalline structure to flex. At Ramiel’s surface, the air ionises, creating lightning or more specifically plasma.’

‘Plasma?’ Seraph’s curiosity arisen.

‘Plasma is beyond a gas; it’s highly charged and can be manipulated by Ramiel’s magnetic field as thunderbolts.’

‘Why are you telling me this?’

Zera smiled. Thought you would never ask. He pointed Ramiel at the camera, its runes glowing. Seraph saw bluish-white plasma forming on Ramiel’s surface, being directed to the blade’s tip by Ramiel’s magnetic field. That’s plasma? It’s just like lightning.

From its tip, a plasma channel was formed between Ramiel and the camera, lightning discharged, striking the camera. Twenty-five microseconds elapsed. The camera stopped turning, its movement almost a corpse writhing.


©Oliver Kerrigan 2018

Want more? I’ve been writing a novel called the Successor of Ramiel where Angels and Fallen Angels collide where the piezoelectric properties get explored in much deeper detail:

SOR Fight Scene I – Zera VS. Seraph א