An OK Rant – We need to talk about Jar Jar

If you’ve been on the nerdy parts of the internet, you’ll have seen the Darth Jar Jar Fan Theory. Basically, the theory states that Jar Jar Binks was supposed to the prequel counterpart for Yoda, a strange alien creature who seems out of place at first, only to find out that this creature is a powerful magical force that influences the plot. Jar Jar Binks would be the evil counterpart to Yoda and help the Emperor take control of the galaxy. Because fan speculation apparently doesn’t have the ability to check itself, fans now claim Jar Jar was the ultimate evil genius solely responsible for the fall of democracy and justice in the galaxy (or would have been if it wasn’t for fan backlash).

But there’s a problem here. Quite a big one actually! Emperor Palpatine has to be the emperor by the end of the prequels. I don’t buy this idea that Jar Jar was the mastermind in the original drafts of the trilogy. Why? Because Palpatine has to become the emperor, the figurehead. As seen in the movies, he’s more than capable of undermining trust in the democratic systems. It’s very clear that Palpatine is the main villain from the outset. Lucasfilm weren’t being subtle. Jar Jar was on a much smaller scale, an accessory even. Not the other way around, which some people have claimed to be the original plan. Darth Jar Jar was the true final boss, not Palpatine. That’s just ridiculous!

The next problem with the supreme Darth Jar Jar plot is that this character has no mentions whatsoever in Episode IV to VI at all. Nothing! Pretty poor for an evil mastermind on a galactic scale to have no mention in the aftermath, huh? His complete absence means that Darth Jar Jar had to be killed off in the prequels. Clearly, he wasn’t the perfect mastermind if he gets killed. Something must have gone wrong and did not plan for everything.

The point is that, whilst the idea of Darth Jar Jar sounds awesome, the idea that Jar Jar would have eclipsed Emperor Palpatine in importance is just silly. Fan theories are good an all, but they need moderation and perspective relative to the source material. At the end of the end, Palpatine won and Jar Jar has been consigned to history, the minorest of minor characters.


©Oliver Kerrigan 2018

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