A Last Jedi Rant: ‘You have droids! Use them!’

[[Spoiler warning]]

I liked the Last Jedi. Yes, it was different from the conventional films, but Star Wars needs some freshening up to keep it interesting. And sure enough, the Last Jedi was successful in its objective. I don’t get the hate, but hey, I’m a filthy casual. One of the highlights of the film was when the rebel ship was used to bisect Snoke’s ship.

However, I had a problem with this scene. Whilst the heroic sacrifice was touching, it wasn’t necessary. Why? BECAUSE YOU HAVE DROIDS! Specifically, Human-shaped droids capable of operating machinery. How about having the droid operate the ship instead of your admiral? No? Why not? It’s established that droids are more than capable with interacting the ship’s computer. What you should do is have a droid operate the ship whilst the human/alien/organic lifeforms get off the ship as planned with all of your commanders alive. Am I wrong? Am I mistaken Star Wars nerds?

Now, I know it undermines the plot arc of the admiral, but who cares? She can live and develop a better working relationship with Po (he deserves a proper smack from Leia btw. Rose gets too much hate, he gets way too much love) in Star Wars VIII and, you know, make the resistance competent? The resistance was pretty futile in this film and actually made me question how thick their plot armour was after the two fakeout endings. The nameless, evil droids were useful so why can’t the resistance droids outside of BB-8 and R2-D2 be useful? Bah!

Rant over.


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