SOR – Ghosts

Barachiel folded his wings away, dimmed his halo, then pressed his forefinger against his mouth. Hani acknowledged his instruction. Barachiel inched forward. Hani noted Barachiel’s conscious attempt to make no sound and, silently, followed his exact movements. Reaching the crypt, Barachiel came to a halt.

The pale woman was kneeling, praying in front of an unnamed slab of a tomb, her ghostlty white radiance illuminating the shadows. Barachiel and Hani simply observed. Hani’s body shook uncomfortable in her own skin. She swore she could hear a faint low-pitched ringing, disorientating her. Her nose was convinced it should be smelling something, but nothing. Am I smelling emptiness?

‘How long have you been wandering?’ Barachiel thought aloud.

‘Wandering?’ Hani asked.

‘Ghosts are the dead who can’t move on. They wait patiently for the white light, but cannot find it. Until they do, they’re trapped.’

Hani could see the woman grieving, repenting. What happened to you?

‘That ringing in your ear, Hani, is the result of the infrasound ghosts transmit. You can’t hear infrasound. The ringing is the very few sound waves that happen to be just within your hearing range. However, your other senses still respond to infrasound. It’s odd. It can generate feelings of danger, anxiety or awe.’

‘What’s a ghost made out of?’ Hani felt she could touch the ghost. It was right there, but she knew the stories, her hand would just pass through her.

‘The soul obeys quantum mechanics, making them governed by uncertainity. A ghost remembers being alive, becoming part of the macroscopic world, manifesting through ectoplasm. Ectoplasm can pass through any object, nothing is impermeable.’


Want more? I’m writing a novel called the Successor of Ramiel, where Zera and Seraph and many other Angels, Fallen Angels and ghosts collide gloriously :

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