I caught a shiny!

Why do I have more luck catching shinies in Pokemon Go than in the main series games?


Want more? I’m writing a novel called the Successor of Ramiel, where Zera and Seraph and many other Angels, Fallen Angels and ghosts collide gloriously :

Interested? Here’s a link to recent scenes I’ve uploaded:

  1. SORScene – The Meeting of Zoharian Bladers – Zera and Seraph meet, starting the events of the story.
  2. SORScene – Pearly Gates plc – Seraph reports the concerning developments to the Archangel Uriel.
  3. SORScene-Beelzebub’s Visitation – Valafar ruminate and plots with Beelzebub.

As well as those, I have also uploaded some commentary posts about my decision making.

  1. How do you solve a problem like Lucifer?
  2. ‘I’m a complicated villain!’
  3. ‘I can’t help it! Love is a blessing and a curse!’

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