How do you solve a problem like Lucifer?

Ah, Lucifer! The Prince of Darkness, the self-proclaimed most fabulous Angel! From tempting Eve to eat one of her five-a-day to tempting Jesus to eat some bread, Lucifer is the representation of evil. Being the world’s most recognisable Fallen Angel, Lucifer should be the starting point for an aspiring fantasy author writing about Angels and Fallen Angels. We’ll call this author Oliver Kerrigan, shall we?

The issue with Lucifer is this; he’s too big. It’s hard to construct him as a meaningful, relatable antagonist for a normal Angel to be pitted against. This is the Angel who was brave (stupid) enough to fight God. That takes a … unique mindset. A normal Angel can’t compare with Lucifer. They just can’t. Sure, they could grow to be on Lucifer’s level, but that takes time. It would be hard to construct a plot arc where the power scaling would be extreme in a single novel. One could go with an intellectual game of chess, but again, outwitting Lucifer seems impossible for a human or a normal Angel. It could work, but I’ve never had a draft of the Successor of Ramiel where Lucifer was the main antagonist. To me, Lucifer represents the final boss of an entire series rather than one book.

So what did I do? I made Lucifer a supporting antagonist. Yes, he plays a part and has his own agenda, but Zera and Valafar present the book’s primary source of conflict instead. Lucifer’s role is one of orchestration from the shadows, supporting Valafar’s endeavour. However, in SORScene – Barachiel’s Secret, there’s an extra dimension to Lucifer’s character mention. One that will provide a twist to proceedings and some interesting developments beyond Successor of Ramiel Volume 1. I couldn’t possibly comment.


Want more? I’m writing a novel called the Successor of Ramiel, where Zera and Seraph and many other Angels, Fallen Angels and ghosts collide gloriously :

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