SOR Changes – Zoharian Blades

Hey guys. Quick update from Oliver Kerrigan:

Whilst editing and locking concepts down for the release of the Successor of Ramiel, I’ve changed the name of the Watcher Blades to Zoharian Blades.

The reasons for this was that further research into the Book of Enoch from which the Watcher Angels are described in. The name Zohar became stuck in my head after eliminating other names such as Enochian and Hanokh. Zohar, for those unaware, is a book within the Jewish mysticism that describes the Watcher Angels.

From a literary point of view, there was a welcome alliteration with the Zoharian Blades with Zera, the main character. The names of the individual blades such as Ramiel, Arakiel and Shamsiel remain unchanged.


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