SOR – Zera’s New Look

Zerachiel stood on the rooftop of a small stone-built church surveying the streets below, his angelic wings on full display, the tips touching his hips. Where are the demons hiding today? On top of his dark grey Kevlar-woven clothes, a bronze chestplate was fastened, its décor a deliberate tribute to the Romans. The face of a roaring lion was the centerpiece of his breastplate. His shoulder guards were segmented, pieces of high impact resistant steel slotted together. From his left shoulder to the right side of his waist, a fastened, reinforced leather belt crossed his body; an empty sheath was buckled, reaching the bottom of his calves.


Want more? I’m writing a novel called the Successor of Ramiel, where Zera and Seraph and many other Angels, Fallen Angels and ghosts collide gloriously :

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