‘By the power of Science!’

One of the many things that annoys me about fiction is the use of the term ‘by the power of Science!’ when the bad guy has an indulgent rant about their needlessly complicated and elaborate plot.

Firstly, no scientist ever is going to use the term ‘by the power of science’ because they specialise in a certain field. A more ‘realistic’ interaction would be,

[[Read in far too excited, aroused nerdy voice]] ‘Allow me to explain in glorious detail the roots of my genius! (Blah! Blah! Three hours later!) And that’s why Schrodinger was really the cat all the long!’

Can we just appreciate how stupid a phrase ‘By the power of Science is!’ Can you imagine any other professional using this phrase during a moment of triumph.

‘By the power of architecture, I have built the ultimate sandcastle!’ Only for a five year-old kid kicking it to the ground. And everyone on the beach believes justice was served.


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