‘Oh My Numerous Gods!’

Many classical traditions had numerous gods responsible for different natural occurrences. In a way, it is a quite quaint idea.  Having one God running one department screams a modern day organisation.

In a time where science could not explain the natural world, gods filled the void. Now, lightning is caused by various particle interactions in a fifteen-kilometre high stormcloud. But that is only a recent discovery. Instead, in the past, lightning was caused by a big buff guy wielding a magical hammer (Certainly is a more fun idea though.)

Humans are curious beings. They want answers to the questions that the world around them poses. Without the technology, philosophers resorted to the mystical, metaphysical and divine. It makes sense in a way. We control the land around us, moulding it to our needs. It’s not unreasonable to suggest there are higher, more powerful races moulding a bigger patch of land. Of course, nowadays, we know the actual reasons behind natural phenomena, but there is an oddly symbolic symmetry to having gods around.

Applying classical gods to modern day society is an interesting thought experiment. Just imagine the Greek gods were doing an organisational rebranding. Zeus declares,

‘Poseidon, you are now the Chief Ocean Director or COD for short.’

The Greek pantheon is set up like a corporation in many ways. Zeus is the chief executive, the top dog in Olympus (easily a skyscraper name). Then, every God is lower in the chain of command, but still has great power, fighting for the next promotion available. Can you imagine the interdepartmental fighting? Athena and Ares fighting over resources and budgets, resulting in squabbles. Who opposes the gods? Rival organisations of course, with nasty, below the belt tactics happening in the marketplace. All this happening whilst Hades sits in HR hating everyone equally.

I’ve gone off somewhere. The point is that classical Gods have numerous similarities with today’s society and is a fantasy writer’s dream. Maybe one day, I’ll write about that.


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