The OK “Science” Report 1: Plasma

Welcome! In this series of blogs, I’ll talk about some of the science I’ve researched when writing the Successor of Ramiel. The reason that the Science is in ” marks is that I’m writing a fantasy book and the Laws of Physics are optional. For context, I have a Chemistry Masters degree and so, I am trained in the scientific methodology and philosophy. I’m not an expert in the fields mentioned, but rather, I’m informed by casual research during my degree studies. If I get details wrong, I would appreciate any corrections written constructively. I always enjoy learning and writing about science. It’s awesome!

Plasma is the fourth state of matter not commonly found on Earth. Why? Because the Earth is too cold. Plasma requires a lot of energy to form. What happens is the electrons of atoms gain so much energy that they get stripped away from their associated atoms. This means that plasma is made of high energy, high speed charged particles. Needlessly to say, plasma is an exceptional electrical conductor and can be heavily influenced by magnetic fields as a result.

Plasma is rare on Earth, despite being the most common state matter exists in the universe. The Sun consists of plasma and most of the processes involved require plasma. On Earth, lightning and auroras are the most well known naturally occurring plasmas. Humanity has harnessed plasma in plasma screen TVs, but also neon signs. Since neon is unreactive, heating up the gas creates plasma instead of aerial oxidation occurring.

So how does this factor into the Successor of Ramiel? Well, since lightning is plasma, the legendary Watcher Blade Ramiel is a plasma-based weapon. Now, the science of such a device is impossible, Ramiel has had its abilities linked to modern research. During my research, I ended up modelling Ramiel as if it was the first step of a nuclear fusion reactor. Weird, I know. In a nuclear fusion reactor, the magnetic fields and plasma play a vital role in initiating the energy releasing fusion reactions. Forming plasma requires a lot of energy and nuclear fusion reactors need to produce more energy than the input. However, at the time of writing, this challenge has yet to be consistently met. I will detail in more detail in future blogs about lightning, magnetic bottles and even dark lightning. (Sounds very metal!)

How does Ramiel overcome these large energy costs? It’s a plot device. Energy costs are ignored. Why does this happen? When I release the full volume in 2018, I’ll explain all.

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