A Progress Report – October 2017

October has been a busy month. Let’s review shall we?

  1. Released new content for the Successor of Ramiel – (SORScene-Beelzebub’s Visitation), (SORScene – Zera’s Request), (SORScene – Seraph trains Hani)
  2. Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 were split into scenes – (Successor of Ramiel Chapters)
  3. More Road to Ramiel Blog posts – (An OK Blog: The Road to Ramiel Junction 5 – ‘I can’t help it! Love is a blessing and a curse!’) and (An OK Blog: The Road to Ramiel Junction 6 – Ghosts!)
  4. My plans for a future volume release – (Projected Plan for Successor of Ramiel Volume 1)
  5. I ranted about a mobile game – (An OK Rant – Pokemon Go Stories)
  6. And of course, more Nerds with Disposable Income additions – (Nerds with Disposable Income)


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