An OK Rant – Pokemon Go Stories

I’m a proud nerd. I’m one of those people who still plays Pokémon Go. I am part of the 12 million users who still logs on everyday. People say the app is dead, but 12 million users don’t lie. Just because you don’t play the game, doesn’t mean the app is dead.

Pokemon Go is an interesting game experiment that has proven to be very successful. I enjoy walking around and catching virtual creatures for my amusement. At the time of writing, I’ve caught 209 different species and am at Level 27. My highlights include my Rhydon, Gyarados, Arcanine, Vaporeon and Espeon. My proudest achievement, however, is acquiring our Lord and Saviour, Togepi.

I am a part of Team Mystic. For those who don’t know, teams can claim a special place on the GPS map called a Gym as their territory and then battle, defeat opposing team’s virtual creatures and take that Gym as their own. (That sounds like a gang turf war, doesn’t it?)

Jokes aside, I like Pokemon Go as a distraction whilst walking down the street. It requires little of my attention and I’ve walked a lot more since its release. It’s been great to see the social interaction as a result of this app and it was a ray of positivity in 2016. But, that doesn’t mean the app doesn’t have issues.

Let’s start with the Speed Prompt, shall we? In the beginning, Pokemon Go didn’t tell you not to play the game whilst driving. Pretty obvious, right? Its common sense not to! There are laws preventing you from the use of your phone for a reason. This notion should be ingrained into every driver’s psyche not to use a phone? Right? Of course, not. Niantic had to put a prompt in the game telling players not to drive whilst playing. Since a core mechanic in the Pokémon franchise is evolution, I thought to myself,

‘Why bother? Let natural selection take place. I want to see some funny Darwin award nominations.’

But no, Niantic, sensibly, put a prompt in, but it was very ‘odd’ with its implementation. I remember vividly sitting in a passenger seat of a car going at 40 mph and the prompt not going off, but the game then went ballistic at me when my phone was lying flat on a stationary table saying, ‘Wow! Are you a passenger? Slow down!’ Stationary is the new fast guys and girls!

Pokemon Go hit the news because a player found a dead body whilst out exploring. The way people talked about the incident acted as if it was the app’s fault. No it wasn’t. If anything, Pokemon Go helped law enforcement. Good on you Detective Pikachu (That’s a real thing by the way. He has a Sherlock Holmes Hat and a magnifying glass. You’ve gone too far Game Freak!)

The funniest story to tickle my dark humour was hearing a story of a user walking into a minefield whilst playing the app. Thankfully, he survived, but I do hope he found Geodude/Koffing or Voltorb that knew Explosion ….

Pokemon Go isn’t dead and won’t be till Nintendo tells Niantic to pull the app from the servers. Until then, I hope the game keeps on giving me more stories that will tickle my dark humour.


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