What you’ve missed this week!

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  1. Split Chapter 1 into two scenes in line with more recent posts: SORScene – The Meeting of Watcher Bladers and SORScene – An Archangel in a Nightclub.
  2. I bought a Zelda mug this week in Nerds with Disposable Income – Nerds with Disposable Income: Link got a mug!


Interested? Want more? Here’s a link to the recent content for my project, soon to be a novel:

  1. Recent Uploads for Successor of Ramiel: SOR_Flashback: Laylah and SORScene – Seraph trains Hani.
  2. An OK Blog: The Road to Ramiel Junction 4 – ‘I can’t help it! Love is a blessing and a curse!’
  3. More available at http://www.oliverkerrigan.com.

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