SORScene – An Archangel in a Nightclub

Eden Nightclub – Downtown Rumon

Barachiel was one of the oldest Angels left alive. He’d served long and he’d served well. With his cultivated Father Time beard, whiter than his now grey wings, his less than illustrious surroundings betrayed his immaculate appearance, for he sat in a dingy private room in a grimy backstreet nightclub. His trademark pot of freshly boiled tea waited patiently to be poured.

The door opened. Barachiel’s felt his eardrums being scratched from the racket coming from the club. I hate that music. What did Zera call it? Swedish House Mafia? He smiled to himself. That sounds more like a flat-pack furniture cartel. I should’ve bought my radio so I could listen to Beethoven or Dvorak. But now his thoughts turned to more serious matters; his guest had arrived.

Uriel, one of the four Archangels, had requested this meeting, though not here. She didn’t like these tawdry surroundings. Hers was a more upmarket world. Could have picked a wine bar at least. Tens of millennia old, Uriel could have been mistaken for a woman in her late forties, fashionably letting some grey show in her chestnut hair. Her platinum-toned sleek suit, tailor-made, weaved by Heaven’s best, could never crease. Uriel proudly wore trousers, she was the trouser Archangel. She sat down, crossed her legs, ready for business.

‘Any chance for some wine?’ she asked.

‘This isn’t that kind of club. You don’t know how many favours I had to cash in to get some tea.’

Uriel didn’t question. It wasn’t in her nature to query trivial things. She just accepted. Barachiel poured her some tea. Uriel took a sip. Oh, how delightfully mundane!

‘I’m surprised by your meeting request, Uriel,’ Barachiel remarked. ‘I’ve been asking for years, yet nothing.’

‘Well, you’ve got my undivided attention now.’ She shifted in her seat. ‘I too am worried about Rumon’s escalating demon activity. And you’re getting more help.’

‘How many, and what are you sending me?’

‘Two Angels,’ Uriel answered. Barachiel outstretching his bottom lip, nodding. Wasn’t expecting that. ‘The first is a young Angel named Haniel. She’s a new graduate Missionary. Seemingly average by all accounts.’

Barachiel raised his right eyebrow. ‘Seemingly?’

Uriel smiled. He hasn’t lost his insight with age. ‘She’s similar to us.’ Uriel chose her words diplomatically. ‘Haniel appears to have the same capabilities as us.’

‘I see.’

‘She’s an interesting potential; one you might help realise.’

‘When does she arrive?’

‘She will be at St Denys when you return.’

‘That hardly gives me time.’

‘Well, you’d better be efficient with your time then, Barachiel.’

Barachiel laughed, shaking his head. Uriel smiled. Barachiel’s one of the few who would be so openly disapproving. It’s refreshing. Barachiel leaned over to grab the teapot. ‘And the second Angel?’

‘I’m dispatching Seraphiel to help with you with the Saleos investigation. She rivals Zera.’

‘Let’s hope so,’ Barachiel replied, pouring tea.

‘She wields Arakiel,’ Uriel sharply answered.

Barachiel stopped pouring. He glared at Uriel, his concern tangible. She cannot be serious. ‘You think placing Ramiel and Arakiel together is a good idea?’

‘Yes. The blades aren’t enemies. Seraph is one of my best.’

‘Then why send her to me?’

Uriel had been waiting for the obvious question. ‘Seraphiel had a recent bereavement. Spending time with different people would help her greatly.’

‘Who died?’

‘I’m not obliged to say,’ answered Uriel, ‘However, she’s a handful, very unorthodox. You seemed ideal, Barachiel, considering Zera.’

‘I’m concerned about mixing those swords together, Uriel. Zera hasn’t recovered from fighting another one and that was a century ago.’

‘I’m well aware of the Valafar incident, Barachiel. But those blades are game changers. You of all Angels should know that.’

Barachiel remained apprehensive. Uriel’s word was final. I’m getting too old for this. ‘Is Seraph already in Rumon?’

‘She arrived this morning.’

‘I shall accommodate her then.’

Uriel understood Barachiel’s unease perfectly. I know it’s a lot to ask, but Seraph needs this. Who knows? Zera and Seraph may form a crack team. ‘I’ll pull Seraph out upon your request. You have my word.’

Barachiel considered. ‘Ok. I will go and welcome Haniel.’

Uriel nodded. Barachiel departed, without finishing his tea. Uriel sighed. This was her personal experiment. If Zera and Seraph can draw out their full potential together then it might finally pin back Hell. I know Barachiel’s concerns, but I’m tired of this war. We need every advantage we can get.


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