SORScene – The Meeting of Watcher Bladers

St. John’s Church – The city of Rumon

Zerachiel stood on the rooftop of a small stone-built church surveying the streets below, his angelic wings on full display. Where are the demons hiding today? Gripped in his hand, the legendary lightning blade Ramiel rested. Carved from a citrine-hued metal, Ramiel had a dark gold inner blade. Heavenly runes, their meaning locked in time, were inscribed upon the inner blade, םיהולא לש קרב. Ramiel was sparking, resonating with the electricity that flowed through passing electronic devices and gluing pedestrian attention. Zera spotted this. We’re freezing phones again, Ramiel. Those confused expressions never get old. Despite being on the rooftop, no-one noticed Zera. People never look up. It amazes me how I can just stand in the corner of people’s eyes and be ignored. I’m in the realm of optical illusions, where tricksters reside.

Zera scanned every angle; anything out of place was a clue. He only needed a sniff before latching onto a demon’s trail, or odour. They’re getting better at hiding themselves. Maybe they’ve learnt how to shower? So entranced, Zera failed to notice Ramiel’s runes glowing golden yellow. A sharp static shock hit him. Ouch! His hand stung. Ok? … Ramiel’s not done that for decades?

‘So you did notice me?’ cut-in a female voice from behind.

An alpha Angel, wearing a long tan coat, stood where a shadow should have been, not hiding her pleased smile. With clean white wings like the legendary Pegasus and a golden halo above her head, this woman wielded a blade similar to Ramiel. Zera stepped back. Arakiel? Carved from smoky quartz-hued metal, with a copper inner blade, Arakiel vibrated, the church’s ancient foundations quivered. The runes on Arakiel, םירעוד לש םיהולא, glowed rose-gold.

‘You’re a hard Angel to find, Zerachiel.’

He studied her intently. Who is she?

‘I’m Seraphiel, but call me Seraph. It’s easier on the tongue.’

Zera didn’t acknowledge her confidence, he solely focused on Arakiel. Ramiel and Arakiel are resonating, like long lost siblings.

‘Arakiel sensed Ramiel’s influence,’ Seraph remarked. ‘Fitting that a blade of lightning sounds out to a blade of the Earth.’

Zera felt the plasma contained within Ramiel pulsate. What’s going on?

Seraph experienced the equivalent sensation within Arakiel’s internal tectonic fault line. You’ve never quaked like this before.

‘Why are you here?’ Zera asked.

‘We both hunt demons. And I wanted to meet Ramiel’s famous blader.’

Flattery didn’t register with Zera. He’d been around too long, seen too much to care. His interest lay in her. She’s relaxed. She’s confidently mischievous. Zera cracked an unexpected smile. I haven’t encountered someone like you in a long while. Zera’s halo revealed itself. Outstretching his arm, Zera adopted Ramiel into an attack stance.

‘Bold of you,’ Seraph observed.

Seraph opened her wings to their fullest extent, their curve rising then falling like a perfect bass clef. She lunged forward, Arakiel primed for a slash. Zera swung Ramiel. The blades clashed. Lightning sparked off Ramiel; Arakiel quaked. The church trembled; power within was cut. They could hear light bulbs explode in sequence – bang, bang, bang. Zera pushed hard. She’s very good. Seraph equalled him. Certainly lives up to his reputation. Both were satisfied, they stood down.

Pulling back, Zera and Seraph now had an impression of the other, and of their blades.

‘Not bad,’ Seraph commented, smiling.

‘Enough indulgence. Who sent you?’ Zera demanded.

‘You’ll find out, probably after midnight.’

‘Why midnight?’

‘That would be telling.’

Zera shook his head. I don’t have time for this. ‘Don’t try and have too much fun being difficult, Seraph.’

‘Sparring should be fun.’

‘Sparring’s over. I’ve got work to do.’

Seraph inclined her head, her long blond hair fell to the side, obscuring her inquisitive hazel eye. ‘How’s that going? Found Saleos yet?’

Zera furrowed his forehead. Who is this woman? Barachiel hasn’t mentioned her. Seraph smirked. He’s trying to see through my façade. Good luck with that, mate!

Ramiel and Arakiel continued resonating. Zera heard the background electrical hiss around Ramiel intensify. Is she going to attack again? Arakiel reduced the frequency of its vibration; Seraph giggled. We’ve definitely ruffled the Angel’s feathers, haven’t we, Arakiel?

‘It’s been fun, Zera. See you soon.’

Seraph, wings extended now, glimpsed her watch, then without prior announcement or hesitation jumped down from the roof. Landing on the ground, knees bent, she cushioned the impact. Turning back to Zera, she saluted him with a wry smile. Her wings folded back underneath the slits in her tan coat; the fabric camouflaged their existence perfectly. As if on cue, her halo vanished as she walked onto the street. She blended in amongst the humans; they didn’t acknowledge her as anyone different.

Ramiel calmed, the order of its universe restored.

Zera shook his head. Barachiel’s going to hate this.

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