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Successor of Ramiel News:

  1. The first of the flashbacks in Successor of Ramiel, where you get see what Zera and Laylah were like early on in their relationship – (SORFlashback: Laylah)
  2. A detailed character biography of what we’ve learnt of Laylah so far – (Laylah: Character Biography)

Other Projects:

  1. The premiere post from a new series of blogs called ‘Some OK Memories’ where I revist franchises I adored when I was younger and what I think of them now. The first was about Pokemon Red where I both pour out my admiration and vent my frustration at the classic title – (Some OK memories: Pokemon Red – ‘Just five minutes, Mum! I’m in the middle of a battle!)
  2. And tomorrow, I will be posting another ‘Nerds with Disposable Income’ post featuring a Pokemon T-Shirt because I’m a blind, idiot, fan-boy.

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