A Progress Report – September 2017

So I’ve been up and running for about two months now. I’ve done quite a lot since then:

  1. 10 Chapter and Scenes for my Main Project – The Fantasy Angel Book Successor of Ramiel – (Successor of Ramiel Chapters)
  2. Detailed Character Biographies for each character that is re-updated upon new content release – (Character Biographies)
  3. Map Entry for key areas – (Locations)
  4. ‘An OK Blog – Road to Ramiel’ series that details the creative and design choices I made when writing the Successor of Ramiel – (An OK Blog)
  5. ‘Some OK Memories’ series that covers some popular culture from when I was younger and what I think of it now.
  6. A lighter series called ‘Nerds with Disposable Income’ because I can’t resist buying nerdy stuff and fuelling that particular market.

I will be posting more of these and other new series over the coming months. I will be writing a post soon that will detail about the planned volume release in the new year and how that will work.


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