Laylah – Character Biography


Laylah was an Angel Missionary who served over a century ago. She was Zera’s wife.

Successor of Ramiel

The Past:

Zera and Laylah were a team over a century prior to the book’s beginning. Early on in their relationship, they were stargazing in a hammock, flirting, enjoying each other’s company – (SOR_Flashback: Laylah).

Laylah was an elite swordmistress and married Zera. Together with Valafar as the third blader, they dispatch demon and Fallen Angel operations expertly. However, a century ago, Valafar defected and became a Fallen Angel. He killed Laylah and left Zera to die after obtaining Shamsiel – (SORScene – Seraph learns of Laylah). Her death heavily scarred Zera. Barachiel believes it limited his growth as a Watcher Blader over the past century.

Present Day:

Laylah has only been mentioned by Barachiel as being Zera’s wife and the source of his stunted development – (SORScene – Seraph learns of Laylah). Zera recalled an early memory of their relationships amongst the bells after Valafar resurfaced in Rumon. (SOR_Flashback: Laylah)


Laylah was kind and cared for Zera. She enjoyed engaging in banter and making bad jokes, knowing that Zera would react, but would also playfully react when Zera pushed his luck with his own quips. She didn’t want to wield a Watcher Blade. She wanted to surpass Zera in spars despite not wielding a Watcher Blade. Her love of sparring with Zera solidified their relationships.

She has her serious side that demons only get to experience; a side that Zera can’t quite detach from the Angel he spends quieter moments with.



  1. As an Angel, she has above human reflexes and strength.


  1. Ramiel is comfortable being in her hands despite not being her blade. It doesn’t shock her.

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