Map Entry – Lucius Industrial Estate


Lucius Industrial Estate is the base of operations for out villains. It’s where Valafar and Saleos plan their schemes with the demons. There are two sections: the junkyard and the warehouses.


Lucius Industrial Estate is located in the outskirts of Rumon.


Technically speaking, the junkyard is a Recycling Centre, but not really. It is a vast disorganised sanctuary where demons can hide in the junk and ambush people. It has a security fence with cameras and electronic locks as well as barbed wire over the top of the fence.  Due to the demons present, the scavenger birds that are common in other junkyards are absent out of fear – (SORChapter 4.1 – Angels in the Junkyard).

The warehouses contain all of the demons imported from Hell and are based here. In the biggest warehouse, Valafar plans from his throne, forged from scrap iron melted together by Shamsiel’s flames – (SORScene – Valafar).


Zera and Seraph investigate the junkyard after hearing stories of people disappearing. The security system was broken after Zera used Ramiel’s lightning power. Zera used Ramiel to destroy the security cameras. They search the junkyard only to be surrounded by demons and Saleos – (SORChapter 4.1 – Angels in the Junkyard). Seraph, with the assistance of Zera, dispatched of the demons, but Saleos then fled. Zera noticed the warehouses and pondered whether the demon hideout could be there. Valafar then used Shamsiel to scare off Zera and Seraph – (SORChapter 4.2 – Saleos, The Fallen Angel).

Saleos crawled back to the main warehouse where he warned Valafar about the approaching Watcher Bladers. However, Valafar dismissed the threat and proceeded to make an example of him, threatening to incinerate him with Shamsiel – (SORScene – Valafar).


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