Shamsiel – The Watcher Blade of Hellfire


A legendary Watcher Blade, Shamsiel commands hellfire. Its history is mysterious and deeply linked to the Angels. Valafar is its current blader.


Shamsiel is constructed from an almandine-hued metal with a garnet-coloured, metallic inner blade. On the inner blade, heavenly runes were etched that can glow and shine crimson ruby.


Successor of Ramiel


Shamsiel was in the hands of Valafar clashed with Ramiel in the hands of Zera, leaving Zera scarred.

Present Day:

Shamsiel used its resonance with its kin to send a warning message to scare off Zera and Seraph from the pursuing Saleos back to the warehouses – (SORScene_4.2). It was then used to conjure hellfire to scare Saleos when Valafar was making an example of him – (SORScene_Valafar).


  • Shamsiel is more malicious than Ramiel and Arakiel, wanting to kill Saleos, craving it.
  • It is antagonistic towards the other two Watcher Blades.


  • Pyrokinesis: Shamsiel can conjure hellfire at will, coming from its core.
  • Communication: Shamsiel can communicate with Valafar, conveying its anger and desire for the kill.
  • Resonance with other Watcher Blades: Shamsiel can communicate with other Watcher Blades, sending both visual and auditory messages. Valafar describes it as an ‘ancient divine Wi-Fi connection’.

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