An OK Blog: Road to Ramiel Junction 3 – Angels Fall, People Die!

Fallen Angels have always grabbed my attention. The idea of a higher being corrupted by their flaws creating a monstrosity, quite frankly made Angels more interesting. Villains like the Joker save the Batman from relative mediocrity. Fallen Angels are the original ‘supervillains’ in Judeo-Christian traditions. They dare rebel against God and do evil things, to interfere with the divine plan, usually because they want to be trolls.

Now, I’m not religious nor spiritual. I don’t believe in the existence of Angels or Demons. So when I write or talk about them, I personally read them as myths, part of our cultural history. Their impact on our culture cannot be ignored, either in art, literature or music. The themes that these stories try to convey use Angels and Demons are metaphors. The moral of a story, e.g. don’t kill people or don’t be manipulative, is not undermined by the use of demons as the characters.

The line between good and evil is rarely as discrete as many stories depict it. It simplifies down the complexities of personality for the sake of streamlining. Motivations are powerful things that should never be underestimated regardless of which side of the divide a character finds themselves. Villains don’t operate by any rules heroes traditionally follow so they can do outrageous things and make dark quips that tickle one’s black humour.

I wrote the Fallen Angels as Angels who lost their way somewhere, something in their mind just snapped, ultimately changing their personalities. I wanted them to be the shadow behind the mirror that all Angels fear because they can see their darker parts of their personalities inside them – as if they are a reflection in a corrupted, cracked mirror.

Saleos, debuting in SORChapter 4.2, is an entry-level Fallen Angel. He’s a nasty piece of work, manipulating the crime underworld, loving commanding demons to do his bidding. But at his core, he’s a flawed Angel who makes many mistakes. He’s arrogant and overestimates his station, proceeding to the events in his debut chapter. However, don’t be fooled. If you and I were to encounter him in the streets, then run! I had fun crafting Saleos. There’s a joy to be had writing a character who over-inflates his ego, then having it burst on him spectacularly. (Makes you wonder who the evil one is here, doesn’t it?) Though Zera and Seraph might be too much for him, Saleos is certainly not a joke villain. His full characteristics will come out in future uploads and subsequent volume releases. If he were to shift his attention to non-Watcher Bladers then …. who knows …

Valafar, on the other hand, is a completely different beast altogether as seen in SORScene_Valafar. He’s a monster! With a hellfire sword! Valafar’s appearance is based off the image of Prince of Darknesses in art, the sophisticated malevolence that makes you unsure what is going to happen next. With him, I wanted an intimidating presence, capturing the reason why this archetype have sustained the test of time. His reasoning, motivations, plot arcs will come clear with time, but Valafar needs to be a wall for Zera to overcome from the outset. After all, what’s the point being a hero if the villain isn’t a challenge?

There’s quite a sophisticated hierarchy amongst Angels and Demons in mythology so I decided to craft my own when I was world building. Saleos is under Valafar’s command and who knows who is above him …. (You’ve probably guessed). But for Successor of Ramiel, Valafar is the main villain because he is connected to Zera, the main protagonist. There’s history between them, shall we say.

Valafar exerts control over Saleos. The reason why I had him kick Saleos in the chest for his failings is because if I were a supervillain, I would probably lash out at my henchman for being useless. There are too many villains that don’t exercise authority over their minions and well, that’s disappointing. A first impression is key for a villain. Hopefully, I made a lasting impression with Valafar at this stage.

I hope this blog provided an initial insight to where I modelled the Fallen Angels that have appeared and the mindset I had when I created them as well as future ones. Both Saleos and Valafar play a vital role in the story in their own way and I hope you enjoy seeing them plot, scheme and unveil their machinations.


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