Valafar – Character Biography


Valafar is the main antagonist of the Successor of Ramiel and the current wielder of Shamsiel. He is a Fallen Angel in command of demons and lower ranked Fallen Angels.

Successor of Ramiel

The Past:

A century ago, Valafar fought Zera, leaving Zera scarred mentally.

Present Day:

Valafar was mentioned by before his debut when Barachiel raised his concern about mixing different Watcher Blades together – (SORChapter 1).

At the end of SORScene_Saleos, Valafar used Shamsiel to scare off Zera and Seraph, forcing them to retreat and not follow Saleos back to the warehouses. Debuting in the flesh of SOR_Valafar, he explained to Saleos that he warned the other Watcher Bladers off. Then, he proceeded to kick Saleos in the stomach and knock him to the ground, making an example of him. He refused to let Saleos speak and threatened to incinerate him using Shamsiel. Ultimately, however, he spared Saleos due to Beelzebub valuing him. Valafar returned to his throne, pondering whether it was time for him Zera to meet again.


Valafar loves control over his subordinates as well as exerting it. He knows he’s powerful and enjoys making it known what he can do with Shamsiel.  Whenever someone fails to meet his expectation, he takes exception and makes examples of them. He doesn’t value Saleos, seeing him as shallow and lacks complexity. However, he respects Beelzebub’s opinion about Saleos and won’t kill him.

He has a deep hatred of Zera and he sees himself as the only worthy to kill him.


  1. With Shamsiel, he can create and manipulate hellfire.
  2. He can interpret the resonance of other Watcher Blades as seen by detecting Arakiel’s power in the junkyard. He can send messages carried on this resonance – (SORChapter_4.2)
  3. As an Angel, he has heightened strength, reaction times and senses compared to humans.

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