Saleos – Character Biography


Saleos is a minor antagonist in the Successor of Ramiel. He is a Fallen Angel, responsible for the demon underworld in Rumon, under the command of Valafar. He bears great hatred towards Zera, owing to the loss of his eye in a previous encounter.

Successor of Ramiel

The Past:

At some point, Zera stopped Saleos’s child-trafficking operation and during the fight, Saleos lost his eye, leaving a scar. However, due to the low health of the children, Zera had to leave Saleos to get them to hospital.

Present Day:

(SORChapter 4.2) – Saleos, with thirteen demons, ambushed Zera and Seraph in the junkyard. Goaded by Zera, Saleos expressed his hatred, refusing to confirm the location of the demon hideout. He claims Heaven does not care for the humans and recites Lucifer’s mantra blindly. He then angers Seraph with sexist comments, which leads to his thirteen demons being killed by the Watcher Blades. During the battle,  he flees back to his base, evading Seraph’s wrath.

(SORScene_Valafar) – Retreating back to the warehouses, Saleos was afraid of Valafar and his potential punishment. Valafar smacked Saleos around, making him an example in front of the demons. Despite death threats, Valafar spared Saleos due to Beelzebub valuing his cunning. Saleos then flew out of the warehouse as fast as possible before Valafar changed his mind.


Saleos is egotistical and enjoys being in command of demons. He sees himself as a mobster and causes criminality using his cunning. This cunning makes Beelzebub value him. He is heartless as shown by his previous life of being a trafficker of orphans. He has a deep hatred of Zera due to their previous encounter leading to the loss of his eye. Saleos is dedicated to Lucifer, believing everything he will do is for the better and no other option is acceptable for how the three realms might exist.

Saleos does not regard women as a threat and underestimates them. He will deride them, which often comes back to hurt him. He flees when overpowered and fears Valafar.


  1. As a Fallen Angel, he is higher rank than demons so he commands them.
  2. As an Angel, he has heightened strength, reaction times and senses compared to humans.


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