Seraphiel – Updated Character Biography


Seraphiel is the current wielder of Arakiel, the legendary blade of the earth. Known as Seraph, she is under the command of the Archangel Uriel.

Successor of Ramiel


Uriel mentioned to Barachiel that Seraph had a recent bereavement hence the need for her to be deployed to a new group.

Present Day:

Debuting in SOR_Chapter 1, Seraph sought out Zera with Arakiel following Ramiel’s trail. She made a point of introducing herself to Zera, eventually sparring. The ensuing clash caused the light bulbs to burst and the foundations to quiver. Satisfied, she continued to dodge Zera’s questions and said he will find out at midnight. She jumped down of the church roof, saluting Zera mockingly, disappearing off into the streets.

Sure enough, in SOR_Chapter 2, Seraph arrived at St. Denys at midnight, introducing herself to Barachiel and Hani. She continued her banter with Zera, enjoying his displeasure at Barachiel’s instruction to let them share a room. In SORScene_Watcher Blades, she and Zera discussed their swords. Surprised by Arakiel’s and Ramiel’s reaction to mentioning Shamsiel, Seraph interpreted its resonance realising that these blades had worked together before in the past. In addition, she dodged Zera’s question about why Uriel would post such a skilled blader to their group.

Seraph investigated the Lucius Industrial Estate junkyard with Zera (SORChapter 4.1). Initially not showing any sign of being impressed by Ramiel’s electrical capabilities, Seraph took to the skies to search for demons.  The atmosphere eventually played mind games, leading Seraph to conjure a blade of rock to destroy a pile of junk that contained no demons, straight after Zera did the same with Ramiel. Landing, she noticed that they were standing in an ‘ant-lion’ trap made from junk piles. When demons started to crawl out, Zera and Seraph stood back to back.

She was caught by surprise by Zera’s initial reaction to Saleos’s appearance (SORChapter 4.2). She was happy to let Zera goad Saleos, which intrigued her considering Zera’s quieter approach with her. She took exemption when Saleos was sexist, causing her to unleash Arakiel’s power. Combining with Zera, Seraph defeated the demons by burying them in her make-shift ‘ant-lion’ trap. Afterwards, the two Angels discuss the possibility of the demons hiding in warehouses beyond the perimeter. When Valafar sent his warning via Shamsiel, Seraph called for the retreat, screaming at Zera to get him to move.


Seraph is an alpha Angel, confident in her abilities. She has a strong, sassy façade, one Zera found difficult to unpick. She’s curious of Zera and Ramiel, not hesitating to spar. She has a mischievous side, treating conservations with Zera as sparring to begin with. She is more relaxed than the other three main Angels.

Behind her mischievous façade, she is smart, analysing the characters quickly. She does not take kindly to any kind of sexism and is not afraid to hide her to show her sharp, savage side when dealing with opponents.

When it comes to Watcher Blades, she is very curious about them and the power they wield. She and Zera strike up a working relationship, both acutely aware of the potential of their blades. She was annoyed with herself when she pulled the trigger too early when searching the junkyard. The power the Watcher Blades does make her nervous and is very wary about Shamsiel, owing to the reactions of the Watcher Blades.


  1. With Arakiel, she can make the very earth quake by unleashing seismic waves. She is also able to summon pillars of rock, breaking the confines of the earth.
  2. As an Angel, she has heightened strength, reaction times and senses compared to humans, able to jump off the top of the church without breaking any bones.
  3. She is a skilled swordsman.
  4. She can see ghosts.


  1. Seraph’s name was inspired by seeing the term ‘Seraphim; as well as Seraphiel whilst doing research – An OK Blog – The Road to Ramiel Junction 2: That’s an odd name you have?

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