Map Entry – St. Denys Cathedral


St. Denys is the main base of operations our heroes. It is where Zera, Seraph, Hani and Barachiel are based. It is under the care of the Reverend Wilson. Being a Gothic-style cathedral, there are multiple statues of saints on the exterior walls and gargoyles amongst the parapets. It is also a common place where ghosts flock to.


St. Denys is located in the Old City of Rumon. From the parapets, you can see the skyscrapers of central Rumon. (SORScene_Barachiel’s Secret)


In addition to the basic hall of a cathedral complete with altar, stain-glass windows and pews, St. Denys has rooms where the Angels can sleep up near the belfry. (SORScene_Watcher Blades)

The parapets can be easily accessed for anyone to see the rest of the city. The Reverend Wilson keeps to the vestry and leaves the Angels to their business. The crypt serves an important purpose as ghosts often come here to pray and attempt to find peace. This occurs because they believe they are closer to God within the cathedral. (SOR Chapter 2)


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