Haniel – Updated Character Biography


Haniel is a new graduate Missionary on Earth. Like to be known as Hani, she is assigned to Barachiel by the Archangel Uriel.

Successor of Ramiel

Present Day:

Arriving at St. Denys, SOR_Chapter 2, at the stroke of midnight, Hani was intimidated by the gothic structure. Hani was convinced she saw a woman in the corner of her eye. Entering St. Denys, she immediately was welcomed by the Reverend Wilson. Barachiel soon arrived, telling her of the existence of ghosts. Sceptical at first, Hani followed him down into the crypt. Down there, she saw a female ghost make peace with itself and depart to the next world. During this time, Hani smelt the scent of amines and saw the light of the afterlife. Curious to know more, she asked more questions with Barachiel answering, returning back upstairs. There, she met Zera and Seraph observing Ramiel and Arakiel for the first time. She took a step back when Zera and Seraph exchange sharp words, breaking the tension with a joke only once they had departed.

Later that night, in SOR_Scene Barachiel’s Secret, she found Barachiel on the parapets of the cathedral. At first, she was confused why she couldn’t see the stars in the night sky, realising it was due to the light pollution. She and Barachiel discussed the effect Heaven and Hell on Earth and humanity. During this, she learnt of his past during the Fall, finding it difficult to comprehend the revelation. Listening, she came to the conclusion that Barachiel found his calling on Earth and she looked forward to finding hers on Earth.


Initially sceptical, her mind opens to new possibilities and she is very curious to find out more. Hani doesn’t like her questions being unanswered. She is suspicious of new surroundings to begin with, but relaxes once it is safe to reveal her true nature. She has a sharp wit about her.

Her ability to see ghosts fascinate her, driving her thoughts forward and is very eager to learn more.


  • She can see ghosts, smelling the amine scent they produce. This is due to her receptive heart dictating the undercurrents the ghosts make.


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