Zera’s Updated Character Biography


Zerachiel is the main protagonist of the Successor of Ramiel and the current wielder of Ramiel, the legendary blade of lightning. Known as Zera, he currently investigates demon activity in Rumon under the command of Barachiel.

Successor of Ramiel


Zera obtained Ramiel in a separate coincidence to being under Barachiel’s wing – SORScene_Barachiel’s Secret.

Present Day:

Zera was surveying the streets of Rumon on top of St. Michael’s Church when Ramiel struck him with a static shock, alerting him the presence of a strong power. Concerned by Ramiel‘s reaction, Zera quickly found himself in the presence of Seraph and Arakiel. After exchanging words, Zera clashed blades with Seraph, causing the light bulbs into the church to explode. Afterwards, Zera was surprised by Seraph’s mention of Saleos in her enigmatic answers. Once she left, Zera shook his head, knowing Barachiel wasn’t going to like any of this – SOR Chapter 1.

Later that night, he met Barachiel and Hani, who surprised him with the firmness of her handshake. When Seraph arrived, he continued to be distrustful, reluctantly allowing her to stay in his room. He made his displeasure clear to Barachiel –  SOR Chapter 2.

In his room, Zera and Seraph discuss the nature of Watcher Blades. Ramiel and Arakiel resonated and reacted violently when Shamsiel was mentioned. Stating to Ramiel that he didn’t need protecting, it relaxed. He then noticed that Ramiel respected Arakiel. Zera questioned why she was posted there, only to get a deflected answer. After interpreting the blades’ resonance, Zera came to the conclusion that the Watcher Blades had worked together before – SORScene: The Watcher Blades.

Personality and Characteristics:

Zera comes across as serious and focused on the job in hand. When engaging with people, his mind is constantly analysing, wondering what makes them tick. He is a proud fighter, eager to test the potential of an opponent if he thinks they are on equal parity.

Defensive over the appearance of another Watcher Blader, he did not take well to Seraph’s appearance, due to previous clashes with Shamsiel. However, he saw the value of working with Seraph and instructed Ramiel to desist animosity towards its kin.

He enjoys embarrassing Barachiel in front of others and not afraid to show his displeasure to his decisions. He doesn’t value the Academy training young Missionaries in Heaven, but wouldn’t be drawn to further comment.


  1. With Ramiel, he can manipulate any current in electrical devices and fire thunderbolts.
  2. As an Angel, he has heightened strength, reaction times and senses compared to humans.
  3. He is a skilled swordsman.
  4. He can see ghosts.


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