Arakiel – The Watcher Blade of the Earth

A legendary Watcher Blade, Arakiel commands the earth absolutely. Its history is mysterious and deeply linked to the Angels. Seraph is its current blader, believing the blade is very much alive. Hani referred to it as the embodiment of the quaking of God.


Arakiel is constructed from a smoky quartz-hued metal with a copper inner blade. On the inner blade, heavenly runes were etched that can glow and shine rose-gold. Within the blade itself, there is a internal fault-line that oscillates, generating the power needed for its seismic waves.


Successor of Ramiel:

Seraph used Arakiel to locate Zera and Ramiel, following the blades’ resonance. Once meeting, their resonance strengthened. The blades eventually clashed, Arakiel making St. Michael’s church’s ancient foundations quiver. Arakiel was much calmer afterwards than its lightning counterpart, Ramiel.

At midnight in St. Denys’s, the resonance between the two blades caused candles to shake. Once again, Arakiel was more relaxed than Ramiel. In Zera’s room, Arakiel initially rested in its sheath against the wall. Its vibrations increased in amplitude, leading to a localised seismic quake when Shamsiel was mentioned. When Seraph removed it from its sheath, its runes glowed. Arakiel continued to vibrate, directing Seraph to the conclusion that Ramiel and Arakiel fought alongside each other in the past, with different bladers.


  • Arakiel is much calmer than Ramiel, conveying calmer behaviour.
  • However, it did react strongly to Shamsiel being mentioned.


  • Geokinesis: Arakiel’s main power is to manipulate the forces of the earth. Inside the core, there is a localised internal fault-line that generates the seismic wave. Zera mentioned it could destroy the black economy with a single swing.
  • Communication: Through vibrations, varying the amplitude and frequency, and its runes glowing rose-gold, Arakiel lets Seraph know what is happening around them and its feelings about the current situation.
  • Resonance with other Watcher Blades: It has the ability to resonate with its kin, Ramiel. Their bladers can detect it sometimes, but at other times, it is done in secret.

© Oliver Kerrigan 2017