Ramiel – The Watcher Blade of Lightning

The titular legendary Watcher Blade, Ramiel commands lightning absolutely. Its history is mysterious and deeply linked to the Angels. Zera is its current blader. Barachiel was a previous blader. Hani referred to it as the embodiment of the thunder of God.


Ramiel is constructed from a citrine-hued metal with a dark gold inner blade. On the inner blade, heavenly runes were etched that can glow and shine. Within the blade itself, there is a lightning core that generates the electricity that powers its thunderbolts.



Barachiel wielded Ramiel at the time of the Fall, but eventually relinquished it. Zera then obtained it.

Successor of Ramiel:

Ramiel is in the hands of Zera, alerting him to the presence of Seraph and Arakiel. Resonating with its kin, Ramiel and Arakiel eventually clashed, causing the light bulbs within St. Michael’s church to explode. The background static hiss around it intensified afterwards when Seraph was playing difficult, only becoming calm when she and Arakiel departed from the scene.

At midnight, Ramiel was with Zera when Hani was introduced to them. Ramiel sparked, seemingly introducing itself to Hani. When Seraph arrived, the resonance with Arakiel was strong enough to make the candles quiver. In his room, Ramiel continued to spark defensively. It shot a lightning bolt, scorching the ceiling at the mere mention of Shamsiel. It stopped sparking when Zera said he didn’t need defending. Then, static rushed across its surface, drawing Zera towards its trust in Arakiel. Zera came to the conclusion that Ramiel and Arakiel had worked together before, with Seraph adding that the blades had done so with different bladers.


  • Protective of Zera after his last encounter with a Watcher Blader, it was aggressive with Arakiel being so close to him, madly sparking.
  • However, once Zera insisted he was fine with it, it calmed down and was far more willing to work with Arakiel.


  • Electrokinesis: Ramiel’s main power is to generate electricity. Inside the core, high voltage electricity is generated then unleashed from the outer blade. This electricity can be fashioned into a lightning bolt. Ramiel can also generate large enough electrical interference to cause smart devices several metres away to freeze. Seraph stated that Ramiel would make Zeus look like an amateur.
  • Communication: Through vibrations, varying levels of static generation and its runes glowing with gold light, Ramiel lets Zera know what is happening around them and its feelings about the current situation.
  • Resonance with other Watcher Blades: It has the ability to resonate with its kin, Arakiel. Their bladers can detect it sometimes, but at other times, it is done in secret.

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