The Reverend Wilson – Character Biography

The Reverend Wilson is the caretaker of St. Denys cathedral and works with Barachiel, who uses the cathedral as his base of Angelic operations in Rumon.


Successor of Ramiel

Present Day:

The Reverend Wilson welcomed Hani into the church. Sensing her nerves, he reassured her after explaining the Church had helped the Angels for centuries now. Due to his inability to see ghosts, he was confused by Hani’s reaction of seeing someone else in the cathedral. He left Hani with Barachiel after being discreetly asked to leave.


Kindly and the gentle, the Reverend Wilson is a calm influence on the Angels. He is dedicated to his role to the Church and assisting the Angels. The sight of Angel wings opening will never cease to amaze him.


  1. Being an ordinary human, he cannot see ghosts.

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