Uriel – Character Biography



Uriel is an Archangel of Heaven and an overseer of the Missionaries. She is the direct commander of Seraphiel and higher in authority of Barachiel. She prides herself as the trouser archangel, always wearing platinum grey trousers.

Successor of Ramiel

Present Day:

Uriel met Barachiel in Eden Nightclub, not approving her surroundings. She informed Barachiel of two new Angels joining him, Hani and Seraph. She mentions Hani as a shared ability amongst the duo. She understood Barachiel’s concern placing Ramiel and Arakiel in close proximity to each other, but nevertheless was keen to place Zera and Seraph in the same group. Her hope is to draw the potential out of the blades and use it lead a decisive breakthrough against Hell.


Uriel is very business-orientated, conducting herself in a professional manner. She shifts the onus on other people to take the next step forward and be responsible for it. She appreciate Barachiel airing his disapproval, she finds it refreshing. She has grown tired of the war of Hell, eager to try anything to break the stalemate it has become. She prefers wine to drink.


  1. Has a shared ability with Barachiel and Hani.

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