Barachiel – Character Biography


Barachiel is an elderly Angel who is Zera’s senior authority. He is respected by the Archangel Uriel.

Successor of Ramiel:

The Past:

Before the time of the Fall, Barachiel was Lucifer’s apprentice, receiving Ramiel from him. During the Fall, Lucifer spared him for an unknown reason. Afterwards, he came to Earth with Ramiel where he helped trapped ghosts to move on. At some point, he relinquished Ramiel, only to be reunited when it was in Zera’s possession.

Present Day:

Barachiel met Uriel in a private room in Eden Night Club, having requested one with her for years, but she arranged it. Pleased by the news of two Angels helping him, Barachiel understood the nature of Hani’s ‘abilities’. However, he was immediately concerned hearing Seraph, aiding the Saleos investigation, wielded Arakiel. He reminded Uriel about the Valafar incident and its effect on Zera, but begrudgingly, accepted Seraph in his group and returned to St. Denys to prepare for the arrival of the two Angels.


Barachiel likes the classics, not liking modern music. He loves a cup of tea, only breaking pouring when seriously worried. His mind is sharp and experienced enough to know when something is off. He doesn’t hide his concerns over Seraph’s posting, but accepts he had no choice to do his superior’s wishes.


  1. He can see ghosts much like Uriel and Hani.

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