Seraphiel – Character Biography


Seraphiel is current wielder of Arakiel, the legendary blade of  the earth. Known as Seraph, she is under the command of the Archangel Uriel.

Successor of Ramiel


Uriel mentioned to Barachiel that Seraph had a recent bereavement hence the need for her to deployed to a new group.

Present Day:

Seraph sought out Zera with Arakiel following Ramiel’s trial. She made a point of introducing herself to Zera, enjoying the mental jousting as he tried to figure her out as she gave nothing away. She was excited at the prospect of a spar and engaged Zera willingly. The ensuing clash caused the light bulbs to burst and the foundations to quiver. Pleased, Seraph pulled back, playing coy when answering Zera’s questions, teasing him with leading answers. She jumped down of the church roof, saluting Zera mockingly, disappearing off into the streets.

Appearing at St. Denys at midnight, she enjoyed antagonising Zera some more, introducing herself to Barachiel and Hani. Further enjoyment came from learning she will stay in Zera’s room and remaining calm whilst Zera and Ramiel sparked. In his room, she and Zera discussed the Watcher Blades. She was stunned by Arakiel’s quaking when mentioning Shamsiel. Zera asked her what she was doing there, but she dodged the question. Once the blades calmed down, she sensed the blade’s resonance and determined that the two blades worked together, with different wielders.


Seraph is an alpha Angel, clearly confident in her abilities. She has a strong façade, one Zera found difficult to unpick. She’s curious of Zera and Ramiel, not hesitating to spar. Her mischievous streak played a part in her exchanges with Zera, showing her enjoying mental sparring as well as physical ones. She enjoys antagonising him and the banter that is thrown between them.

Behind her mischievous façade, she is smart, holding her cards closely, analysing the characters quickly. She noticed that she was more relaxed than Zera initially, but soon was caught off guard by the severity of the blades reaction to Shamsiel. She mentioned that the path she chose had left her damaged.


  1. With Arakiel, she can make the very earth quake.
  2. As an Angel, she has heightened strength, reaction times and senses compared to humans, able to jump off the top of the church without breaking any bones.
  3. She is a skilled swordsman.
  4. She can see ghosts.

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